Hi. I’m Rachel.


I’m an experienced journalist who specializes in digital storytelling, digital strategies and data-driven reporting.


This is me on the job

I’ve made a career out of doing things on the Internet. Here’s just a little bit of what I’ve done.


Digital Storytelling


I’m an old soul in a millennial body who wants to read an old-fashioned paper book and then share it on Instagram.

In my career that means I work to take the best things the Internet offers and use them to tell stories that appeal to everyone.

Here are some of the ways I’ve told stories:

  • Interactive graphics: I made a scorecard to help people visualize what their state government is working on, maps where people might be exposed to lead poisoning, and a timeline to show the progress of major legislation.

  • Slideshows: I utilized slideshows to breakdown data from the U.S. Census and other sources, outline local government issues and show a lighter side to the news.

  • Social media: I covered Bernie Sanders as he campaigned through Pennsylvania on Snapchat, wrote Instagram stories and spearheaded Twitter campaigns.

  • Audio and video: I helped write and narrate audio stories, and shot, produced and narrated videos.

  • Web design: I designed and built custom websites focused on topics from health care to property records. 

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Digital Strategies


As a child of the Internet, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we could use it better to communicate.

My digital strategies have a proven record of growth across the board, driving engagement across the board by connecting people to the information they want and need on various platforms.

  • Social media: I used social media during the 2016 election and first two years of the Trump administration to connect people to events live as they happened through videos, graphics and gifs.

  • Email: I produced a weekly newsletter, and drove the open rate through sign up pages, surveys and a re-engagement program. 

  • Blogging: Using Govtracker, the political blog I co-founded, I helped track legislative bills and provided analysis of local politics and state laws. We grew our readership from nothing, becoming a must-read for local political junkies.

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The proof is in the numbers. Here’s what my strategies have done:


increase in Twitter engagement


increase in average email open rate


increase in Facebook engagement


Data-driven Reporting


Nothing makes me happier than cracking open a fresh set of U.S. Census data.

Pulling numbers from a variety of sources, I’ve helped breakdown demographic information into formats that are easily digestible for readers.

I once wrote 40 federal Freedom of Information requests for a single story. I'm still waiting for some of them to be filled.

Here’s more of what I’ve done:

  • The Oldest FOIA requests: The above mentioned story, where I looked at how long many people wait for information from the U.S. government.

  • Best Places to Live in Midstate Pennsylvania: A project where I pulled data from dozens of sources and developed a methodology to definitively figure out the best place to live in the area.

  • Republicans in Bloomington: A story where I reviewed 40 years of election data to figure out why one political party had fallen so far it could only hold two offices in local government.

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