“Ask questions when they occur to you and don’t wait.” – Madeleine Albright


The best, most exciting part about being a journalist is meeting the people who actually read your content.

I will forever stand by the above statement.

No matter how negative or troll-ish the Internet may seem at an point in time, listening and learning from readers is the most rewarding part of the job.

One of the most exciting things I've done as a reporter is start and operate, along with fellow reporter Lindsey Erdody, Govtracker, a blog that focused on local, state and federal politics. 

We tried to balance newsanalysis and the occasional humorous piece between daily updates about what's happening that day and what we were working on. 

Most of my experience has been working on social media, using it to talk to people in real-time about events as they are happening.

I developed digital strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Medium that have shown significant growth across platforms.

I’ve also worked with email, building newsletters, surveys and sign-on pages that have a proven growth rate.

Social Media


I used Snapchat to cover a Bernie Sanders rally in Reading, Pa. April, 21, 2016.

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I live-tweeted from meetings, and programmed the day-to-day social media presence for the blog. A personal favorite moment? Breaking news that then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would NOT speak to local Republicans after he signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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I ran the day-to-day strategy for a rapid response organization, including live coverage of press conferences and confirmation hearings.



Things you might need a license for in Indiana: Building. Driving. Taking off your clothes and getting paid.


I wrote this to tell voters a few things they might need to know before hitting the polls.


A brief explanation of one of the most controversial and difficult to understand quirks of local government: tax increment financing districts.


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I ran a successful re-engagement campaign that increased both active subscribers and open rate.

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Sign on emails

To increase interaction, I wrote and sent sign on emails routinely to the list.